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We open doors under a new management and great enthusiasm to reactivate Masia Notari Casabona


Masia Notari

Stones full of history

Rustic property where past elements are blended with modern day comfort


XV Century House

First references documented in 1452


More than just accomodation

Extensive catalogue of additional services


More than an accommodation

Extensive catalogue of additional services



An unforgettable experience


Today, Masia Notari is a beautiful rural property where bygone elements are combined with modern day comfort. Decorated with exquisite care and taste, each room is unique.

Currently it is let to families, groups, companies and organisations who, in an exclusive way, wish to enjoy their stay in a place of singular beauty, where they are able to celebrate meetings, functions, sojourns and holidays, or even organize that extra special event, their wedding.

Depending on the time of year, Masia Notari can be rented for functions and events from one day only or longer stays which include accommodation. There is a minimum capacity for 26 guests which can be extended to 42. Incredible outside spaces, covered porches and a 16m2 saline swimming pool.

We mustn’t forget our magnificent and incomparable treasure,the wine cellar. Completely restored and keeping its original elements, it offers 450m2 of warm stones loaded with history.


The first documented references to Masia Notari date back to 1452, although the date of construction was referred to in 1545. For centuries the Masia was the property of only one family, the Alegret family. At the end of the XVIII century the last heir, Magdalena Alegret, married Josep Anton Martí, who by profession was a Notary and who undertook a large part of the restoration which we can appreciate today.

Today, this fact is still a known reference to the Masia and its name has even been given to a new sector of the town, and part of the original land.

At the end of the XIX century the famous local painter, Jaume Ferrer i Mascaró, who converted it into a workshop and residence, purchased the Masia.